Just before we fly we wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped our dream wedding come true and if you all flew on this wedding like us then go to their page to make fun and see what else they know how to do. First of all, a man of meat or his first name Neria Granevich, who is above everything in the heart and beyond that a real professional in everything related to meat and catering. I do not think there was anyone at this wedding who could say that the food was less than amazing. And if I already eat then behind our crazy cake and branded kisses stands, Orit Granovich with her golden hands and the ability to whip the impressive eggs I have seen in my life. Of course, in order to raise this thing, we also needed a serious producer who knows the area. Here Nadav Natanzon came into the picture with Hava and Adam - a wedding production in nature, and with Huan-Nagila that made the whole dream come true. And to get the final shape in this style, we picked up a phone for TREND- Events Design, which is the amazing Limor Ram, which painted everything in the colors of the sun and the suns. As you all already know Dalit Rechester was our god on the expansion until sunset hours and Inbal Raviv Bridal worked hours on my perfect look to be one and special on this day. All of our suppliers have given fair prices, amazing service and smiles every time only Nijsano, so if you are undecided we have a warm recommendation, only they !!!!!
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