Nine months ago we met in the forest with Nadav and his big smile, and immediately we knew that he was the person we wanted to give us our dream wedding. During this period he accompanied us, supported us and was attentive and patient to every request and our insistence. Nadav perfectly coordinated the many suppliers needed for a field wedding and our desires. During the organizations we changed places, changed a lot of things and always Nadav was there, helped us in the elections and decisions of all kinds and worked until we were completely satisfied. And indeed our wedding was beyond anything we could imagine for organization, design, comfort and atmosphere! All the guests complimented the meticulous attention to the large and small details, from the lighting, the air-conditioned and decorated services to the dance floor set up in the middle of the forest. During the wedding, Nadav and the devoted staff made sure everything was ticking properly and made sure we did not deal with anything but enjoy. They have the largest part of it and we have no doubt that without them the wedding would have been completely different. If you are looking to produce a space wedding Nadav is the person for you!
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