Dear Nadav and all the staff of Eve and Adam! We were married on 16.6.16 at a nature wedding in Moshav Talmei Elazar. We want to thank you and thank you very much for the event, and a very significant part of it is thanks to you. Thank you very much for the courteous service, the human response and the unparalleled professionalism! We have had this experience - to make a wedding, with professionals who are first of all amazing people and, of course, professionals of the highest caliber. We receive a lot of positive responses to all the beauty, happiness and fun that was in the event but more importantly than that - we are satisfied above all expectations. Many thank you for everything - including the grilled sandwiches, the crazy bar - "Han Nagila" that never stops raking compliments and questions and of course all the good you added to the whole experience. So to everyone who came here and reads this opinion - just do not think twice. Highly recommended !!! Einat and Ofri :)
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