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Hava and Adam is a professional production company specializing in creating events with a different and unique concept. With 30 years of experience in organizing weddings in nature, we bring personal and human touch to our weddings, with a warm and supportive team all the way to make your event much more than a dream.

Every wedding has a dream and dreams, we fulfill with love …

We fulfill dreams and execute weddings in nature in a special way. With lots of thought and love for our work, we create weddings against the backdrop of natural scenery – the trees, vegetation, sea or desert of our beautiful country. Weddings in the family yard or even boutique weddings in unusual homes or other rare places.

Hava and Adam - Why celebrate with us?
All the reasons lead to the farm and man ..
  • With you all the way! Together we will connect all parts of the puzzle to your perfect production.
  • The small details .. Emphasize every detail of your event, from choosing the menu to lighting design and choosing the right suppliers for you.

Huan Nagila - For weddings in nature with Eve and Adam

"At an extraordinary wedding, extraordinary things are done ..." Hoan-Nagila is a vintage stage on wheels that can reach any place in nature and opens up to many cool and unforgettable attractions for truly special occasions.
Benefits of Huan - Nagila
  • Availability and accessibility – Believe it or not, Hanagila is a real vehicle that can travel on its own and reach any point in nature where you dreamed of holding your special event – between orchards, private agricultural land, woods and more …
  • A tempting cocktail menu – want to upgrade your event with colorful and delicious cocktails? We built a special menu of cocktails especially for special and unusual occasions – together we can paint you the special day with new experiences of colors and flavors.
  • Design – retro style that connects to the spirit of the times.
  • Large and small – depending on the quantity of your guests: Our bar structure is modular and can expand according to the number of celebrants at your event. This enables high level service and prevents the accumulation of queues on the way to the desired drink.
  • High class service – Our bartenders are known with a smile that does not come down from the face and a strong desire to make you drink nonstop 🙂
Our review
The Wedding Of Liron and Alon
Because of @HavaveAdam we had an amazing wedding which was arranged in 3 weeks only!!! Our wedding was outside, in a private place at Nachalat …
The Wedding Of Karin and Amnon
After visiting many places, we decided we want a personal-family ceremony, so we chose to get married at our parent’s back yard in Moshav Bazra. …
Irit and Gal
The Wedding Of Irit and Gal
To Nadav and his entire team, thank you so much! You were excellent all the way, from the beginning of the planning and personal sincere …
Noam and Eyal
The Wedding Of Noam and Eyal
To Nadav and @HavaveAdam team! From the first moment we met you- we understood you are professional, dissent and a positive person. We chose to …
Liraz and Roi
The Wedding Of Liraz and Roi
We came to @HavaveAdam after we visited a wedding already happening, we completely fell in love. At first, during our first meetings at the arrangements …
The Wedding Of Gal and Yair
We want to thank @HavaveAdam which produced an amazing wedding in the nature! Even after a long time, our guests still call and tell us …
Yahel and Ronen
The Wedding Of Yahel and Ronen
We really enjoyed working with Nadav – it seems he had experience with event productions and we felt we are in safe hands. During the …
Talia and Oded
The Wedding Of Talia and Oded
To @Haveveadam we didn’t get on purpose, we were searching for a producer for our small wedding in our parent’s yard. It was important for …
החתונה של נטע וסלבה
The Wedding Of Netta and Slav
To @Haveveadam we didn’t get on purpose, we were searching for a producer for our small wedding in our parent’s yard. It was important for …
חתונה בטבע
The Wedding Of Shay and Eitan
Eitan and I were got married at our house in Bnei-Zion, we got to Nadav through mutual friends, @Haveveadam gave us response to all our …
Einat and Ofri
The Wedding Of Einat and Ofri
Dear Nadav and all the staff of Eve and Adam! We were married on 16.6.16 at a nature wedding in Moshav Talmei Elazar. We want …
Neta and Elior
The Wedding Of Galia and Tal
One of the best decisions in organizing our wedding was to choose Nadav and Eve and Adam. Everything went smoothly, with uncompromising professionalism and professionalism. …
Liron and Ophir
The Wedding Of Liron and Ophir
In the first meeting with Nadav, we explained a few words about the slightly different concept that we have in mind for our wedding, and …
Hadar and Lior
The Wedding Of Hadar and Lior
So how do you start ?! I and Lior reached Yadav after things did not work for us. But as everyone says – everything is …
Neta and Elior
The Wedding Of Neta and Elior
An unforgettable event … An investor team that gave the blood and sweat in the establishment of the event a perfect accompaniment in the process …
Shirley and Eli
The Wedding Of Shirley and Eli
We made a wedding at Khan Desert Ship, and choosing Eve and Adam was definitely the perfect choice for us to be responsible for producing …
Moore and Yehuda
The Wedding Of Moore and Yehuda
Just before we fly we wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped our dream wedding come true and if you all flew on …
Dafi and Ron
The Wedding Of Dafi and Ron
Nine months ago we met in the forest with Nadav and his big smile, and immediately we knew that he was the person we wanted …
Mor and Sagiv
The Wedding Of Mor and Sagiv
When I and my partner almost despaired of looking for someone to give us the event from a distance, because of the fact that we …
Adi and Noam
The Wedding Of Adi and Noam
My dream was always to get married in the kibbutz and in this wedding industry. At first it seemed impossible, and then we met Nadav …
Inbar and Raz - Netaf
The Wedding Of Inbar and Raz – Netaf
We got married in our parents’ yard, because we were short at the time (two and a half months). We had a lot of apprehensions …
Shahar and Ana
The Wedding Of Shahar and Ana
Before we start describing how professional, serious, open minded and efficient Nadav and his team are, it’s important for us to say first – how …
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