So how do you start ?! I and Lior reached Yadav after things did not work for us. But as everyone says - everything is for the best, and so it was. We met Nadav, and we knew that he was the person to trust in organizing this event! Like every couple, we had different moods, and Nadav always knew what to say, how to calm us, and always said, "This day will be just like you imagine, if you have to look for more, we'll look for it." Nadav went above and beyond to make us happy. If until the wedding day we thought Nadav and his team were 10 out of 10, on the wedding day we realized that they were far beyond that! Nadav and his team, made up of amazing people, gave everything from the heart, and raised an event in nature at a level higher than what we imagined - lighting that raised the place in several levels and above, crazy amplification and an unparalleled relationship - we did not have to deal with anything, Pay attention to the small details - clean toilets, a clean area and other very small surgeries such as moving sofas and mirrors from one place to another. Everything is done in seconds and on the spot, with a smile and a hug! They gave the best someone could give! Nadav, I said before and now it's also verified - we could not pick someone better! Any wedding of this dream could not have happened without you! thank you very very much! PS - We also took Nadav's crazy Huan-Nagila bar! (So ​​as not to dig too much here, look for the review on their business page :))
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