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For more than 30 years we have been producing events out of a passion to do special things that have not yet been seen

Huan is able to reach any point where the couple dreams of having their special day - in a private area, in the forest, in the field or in the private garden. In a few minutes, the bar opens in a chaotic style with various special objects from time to time: an old radio, a gramophone, And special ...

Attractions and ideas

Compose your dream event - anything you want can be built around the Huan

Photo booth

There is no souvenir better than an event than a picture - one that stays on the refrigerator. We allow you to leave your guests with a souvenir accompanied by an unforgettable experience - a magnets camera out of a van! The guests enter Huan and take pictures accompanied by a cool guide and with all the necessary equipment - a high quality camera with a wide lens, a television screen showing the photographed how they look, a variety of costumes and accessories. Within a few minutes the image is printed out on a magnet and during the whole event guests are invited to find themselves on the magnet glued onto the hue.

Bar services

After settling in the exact location you dreamed of and in accordance with the terrain conditions - the bar structure is pulled out of Huan and with the help of the experienced bartender team and a close designer, the bar is ready for action. The bar is accompanied by a cool retro design according to the spirit of Huan - an old radio, a gramophone, an old TV and other design objects from the 60's. In addition, you can build the menu with guests - the bar can be used as a fruit shake - different and varied steaks of cold cows or alternatively a quality alcohol bar

Public singing

There is nothing like singing in the trees, connecting with nature and the energies it gives us! Huan-Nagila falls apart on a portable stage for singing in the wild accompanied by all the necessary equipment and quality - a powerful speaker set, a microphone set for wireless, a monitor for singers, a screen for playing the words of singers appearing on stage, a huge screen opening on the roof of the Han to the lyrics of the other guests, And plays a karaoke / DJ or singer by choice of audience and event

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