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Production of weddings in nature

About us

Hava and Adam is a professional production company with more than 30 years of experience in the production world.
Our desire is to fulfill wishful thinking and execute weddings from our dreams. Our specialty is to create “different” weddings. Weddings against a backdrop of natural scenery – the trees, vegetation, sea or desert of our beautiful country. Weddings in the family yard or even boutique weddings in unusual homes or other rare places.

The process

In our first meeting, held without any obligation, our aim is to get to know you, your partner, to listen to what you want and to understand your dreams. We love to exemplify every celebration with a special and different idea. Together, we will find the concept that is yours, and yours alone. And then build the whole event around it. We believe that all the components of the event must
come together in perfect harmony. When this happens, a special occasion is created, unlike any other.

The venue

Our extensive experience in producing events has led us to discover a wide variety of special ocations. When we meet, we will offer you a selection of interesting locations in nature. We will make sure that the location is of the right size for the number of those attending, that it has easy access, and we will ensure that the view matches the atmosphere you want, and see to any authorizations required from the authorities, and the insurance cover required.

With our help, the process called a wedding, really a series of decisions and emotions, becomes a relaxed experience.

Our goal is to allow you to let go and to focus exclusively on enjoying the event!

Your experience starts here

With our help, the process called wedding, which is a continuum of decision making and emotion, will become a relaxed experience. Our goal is to allow you to let go and focus only on pleasure!

The design

The contents

Guest list

The menu and method of serving


The fine details


Managing the event

The design

It makes the difference between one wedding and another. We will be happy to advise you and build with you the musical and artistic concept of the event in accordance with your style - DJ or band? attractions? Who will speak to whom? And what blessings would you say under the canopy? All these and more marked your event.

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