How to organize an intimate wedding at low costs?

If you are a young couple who does not want to put all his savings on a wedding event, and you want to organize a small wedding that does not exceed a sane budget, it is important that you know that a small wedding can sometimes be more expensive than a great one.

However, if you do the right thing, you may be able to organize a classic intimate wedding, and this will be remembered for many years with a meager budget. So how do you organize? Guide to organizing a wedding in the budget del below.

Many married couples believe that a small wedding is not only considered to be more intimate and exciting, but also cheaper, so they choose a wedding of this kind.

However, it is important to know that the weddings with the largest number of guests are those that are considered economical, because in this case of multiplicity the price of the portions that the event of the catering company or the banquet hall decreases.

However, if you want to organize a small event while saving – there are a few things you can do:

Social wedding – In recent years everything related to social weddings and the use of sustainable elements has become popular because of the need to save money and make the environment more productive and does not create new elements. Through a social wedding that takes place on Friday afternoon on the street that some of the guests are simply people who are on the street is a wonderful wedding! Today, several social weddings have already been organized in Israel, where the bride and groom went on dances with the entire population that moved them with joy. There is no need to find an expensive wedding hall.

Alternative locations – If you want to give up the expensive wedding hall or the prestigious event garden, you can always find a variety of alternative spaces that offer a recommended place for a small wedding in Tel Aviv or anywhere in the country, while receiving urban event spaces within the cities of the center. Event spaces in Tel Aviv and the surrounding area offer spaces suitable for both size and price for small weddings.

Event Producer Support – If you are assisted by event producers and companies producing events that specialize in producing small weddings, you may be able to save a lot of money. It is true that the services of these companies cost money, but because of the connections that companies have, the organization’s ability to coordinate and negotiate with all the issues of service providers will save you a lot of money.

Bertrim – try to ‘Berters’ with service providers in all matters related to wedding services if you are independent and engaged in areas that can serve professionals such as DJ, band, wedding photographer, and more.

In order to save costs, you can enjoy a wedding in nature, while at weddings like this on the beach as well as the beach, on the patio, in the yard and you can ask the guests to bring your own food, but instead of making checks that can sometimes be burdensome.

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