A quality wedding

We wait for this moment almost all our lives, dreaming about it, imagining it and when it comes – we’re in the clouds. However, a moment after we finish the phone calls and messages for the best family and friends, comes the stage where we are required to pull a waist and start working. After all, the perfect wedding is the one in which every detail is chosen carefully and especially one large and significant detail: the hall. So choose it? Here are points to think about.

The size of the ideal hall

Before you look at options, filter alternatives and go on a tour of halls until you get off your feet, you should be a bit more focused and choose only what is really right for you. If you do not have a guest list yet, maybe you should start out there just so you can know how many guests to watch. The more open your event is to your parents’ friends from the office and the friends of your little sister from school, the more you will need a larger hall. Simply put, if you know how many more or less visitors are expected to go, you can focus on places that provide comfort and space. That’s how you choose a truly quality wedding hall – focus.

2 – Your cool concept

Perhaps you are a nature lover and you might want to plan an urban wedding. You may be addicted to the television series “Games of Thrones” and you are even anxious to organize an event in a place that can be a perfect (and glorious) setting while guests wear the royal clothes of Halisi or Sarsay. If you have a particular concept you should set it up in advance, before looking for a hall or an event garden. A nature wedding will take place in a completely different place from the urban event, and concept events need the most appropriate place to achieve the goal.

3 – The really beautiful place

Even if you have found some options that seem very good to you, and perhaps one of them surpasses the others, do not rush to choose without visiting when an event takes place. It is important that you know what the hall looks like in real time and whether the beautiful place you saw when you arrived on Friday morning is still impressive even when the sun goes down and the artificial light illuminates the place. Besides, when you arrive “in real time” you can get ideas and inspiration for your own design.

4 – The environment is also important

You chose a concept, you defined the size of the ideal hall and it looked wonderful when it was full of guests and good food. Just before you make the final decision and date date in the log look around one more time. This time, try to focus not on what is happening inside the hall, but outside. Is the place pleasant or are you located in the heart of a noisy and much less inviting commercial center? True, when the guests enter through the doors of the hall, they forget what is happening outside, but for you and for them, make sure that the whole area is pleasant, and not just the area of the event.

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