Plan a wedding and keep it within budget

One of the biggest and most important productions you will ever produce is probably your wedding production. This day is definitely special and exciting, and it also requires planning and budget. Especially the budget, and not small. When you start putting together the to-do list, you understand exactly how fluid this budget is, with a banquet hall, a groom’s suit, a wedding dress, a varied menu, a photographer, a DJ and invitations. On the other hand, if you plan it right, you can set a realistic budget, avoid unnecessary and expensive distractions and start your shared life without a big hole in your account.

The main part – the events hall

When you set a budget for your event, the event hall (or garden) is expected to bite 60 percent of that budget, more or less. In order to understand exactly how much it will cost you, it is worth checking out what your bid includes. For example, there are places where the price quote also refers to topics such as lighting, amplification, a certain amount of dishes and basic design of the hall. If the offer you received does not include these topics, it is worth understanding how much they will cost you, and if so, it is time to find out how much you will want to change, from changing the flower arrangements in the center of the table to adding another dish to the menu. Whether you are looking for a prestigious wedding hall in Tel Aviv or a small intimate garden to produce your event, these are still the biggest, most significant and expensive topics.

Build a budget file

You know the amount of money available to you to produce the big event on the way, and you also know how much the hall is expected to cost (or what the real range is in view of the bids you have). Now you can manage your budget with a relatively simple Excel file. In this file it is important to insert all the tasks related to the wedding, even the smallest ones. From the design of the invitation to the design of the wedding dress, from the price of the wedding cake to the makeup, to the hair or to the photograph of the magnets. When you have a very accurate tracking of the event budget you know exactly how much you have left and where you will need to make further adjustments.

Calculate the price per person

To figure out how likely you are to get out of this event without losing large amounts of money (and maybe even a small profit on your honeymoon), add one more simple formula to your file and calculate the cost of producing the wedding per person. Many couples see the price set by the hall as a price per person, but the truth is that it is simply not true. If we mentioned that the hall costs only about 60 percent of the total event, the remaining 40 percent still amounts to a very large sum. When you calculate the price of the entire event and divide it by the number of guests (your real) you will find out how expensive your event is and if you still have to try to cut some expenses.

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