Want to get married in nature? That’s what you need to know

Weddings in our parents ‘generation may have taken place in the halls of events, but the present generation of the 21st century is already emerging from the halls outside: the sun god or the moonlight, the gentle wind that spreads the hair when birds’ chirping sounds in the background, Any other location, provided that there is no space in four walls, marble and fluorescent.

Do you also dream about a wedding in nature? That’s what’s important to know when you start planning it:

The phrase “the sky is the limit” has never been more accurate

The most important thing in designing a wedding in nature is imagination. In contrast to the halls or banquet halls where the canopy stage and dance floor are fixed and immovable, an open-air wedding allows you to fulfill your wildest dreams:

Do you feel like getting married in a beautiful place and dancing until morning? Want to get married on a green hilltop, on the beach, in an orchard or in a forest, when your guests watch you sitting among the trees or in the shadow of a cliff rising over a stream? Anything you want is possible. Just dare to dream.

A professional production company should be helped

Not everyone can plan a wedding in nature. It is necessary to obtain permits from all kinds of bodies for use in the field, to prepare an infrastructure of generators and electrical systems to operate all the systems, to map the mother and where to place an industrial fan or shading chains to cool the guests or where to place the position from which the dishes will be exported and a plethora of small details that must be closed beforehand Last minute.

In short – if you want your wedding to be perfect, you should leave it to experienced professionals. They will know how to turn the natural area into a suitable place for a wedding, with organized parking, toilets, a separate room for a bride and groom, a dance floor, all the logistics around serving dishes, and no less important – to fold everything after the event ends and return the area to its natural state.

Another advantage of the experience of a professional production company is the possibility of knowing in advance what can be done at the wedding and what not. In the end you can do anything, but if you have a tough budget and your dreams go beyond it, the event producer will tell you from the start what you will have to give up and what dreams you will have to replace in others. So prepare yourself for the first meeting with the producer, tell him about your dreams and trust him to realize them on the happiest evening of your life.

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