Original Weddings

Congratulations! You are getting married, and now it is time to think of a way to plan the wedding in the most original, most beautiful – but at the same time classical and high level. But how do you plan such a wedding without being another couple in a hall of events? Organizing an extraordinary wedding!

In recent years many couples want to find the most original way to get married. So which weddings are the most original ones? Get the original 2017 wedding list:

Wedding on the shores of the Sea of Galilee – Yes, this wedding is a romantic and classic wedding than what in the old days. A wedding on the shores of the Sea of Galilee is a beautiful and original wedding. If you are a resident of the north or you just want to get married in the spectacular north, you can arrange a charming and modest wedding on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. This kind of wedding includes the amazing and pleasant sea of the Sea of Galilee, you can edit it along the regulated beaches of the Sea of Galilee, or from a kibbutz that kisses the waters of the Sea of Galilee and enjoy the wonderful weather of the north.

A nature wedding is another way to hold an open and pleasant wedding. Such a wedding can take place in the forest, in the vineyards, on the beach, in a private area or in any open place. A wedding in nature is an original way to get married and it is advisable to use the event production service to organize the entire event from designing an invitation to your event to the necessary permits for the event, catering, tables, chairs and even insurance for guests.

Wedding Surprise – A surprise wedding is one of the original ways to get married. This wedding is suitable for light couples who do not give much weight to their wedding or the checks they receive, because in such a wedding the guests do not know that the couple is getting married at all! At a surprise wedding, you invite the people closest to you to a party, where at the festive party you expose the fact that you are getting married. The surprise and excitement is especially great.

Wedding on the roof of the world – More to diversify you will choose to marry on a roof. Today you can plan a wedding any roof in Tel Aviv or anywhere, and thus enjoy a warm and original wedding. Weddings of this type are also suitable for the urban style, which is now so popular in the wedding area as well as the hepatic style, which has special wedding ideas such as beers that are served to guests from refrigerators, food stands with excellent street food, and counters offering a variety of refreshing elements such as hats, Refresh the face and more.

Social Wedding – A social wedding is one that celebrates the streets of the city. Such a wedding is just like in the old days when a happy wedding was held with all the residents of the city. For such an original wedding all you need is drums and dances, a lot of conversation with you and people who made you happy. For such a wedding you do not need to design an event invitation, catering hall design and more. The wedding takes place in a crowded street, and the joy and the jubilation are what decorate it and turn it into an original and unique lacquer.

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