Rental of amplification systems for field events – Checklist for producer

Even if you are a professional event producer with experience, one who has already produced several significant events during his extensive career. And even if the role of the production fell on you like thunder on a clear day and the joy of the joy of the complex task that seems to you as if it emerged from the program ‘Race for a million’ and you must take care to produce a space event of the dreams for him.

It is important to remember that the role of the producer corresponds to the role of CEO in a large company – to connect all the departments and professionals to create perfect harmony, just like a conductor in a choir. To work in an orderly manner in order to reduce mistakes and to give the event owner all the reasons to remain as happy and relaxed as possible on his happy day.

Rental of amplification systems – it is important to remember:

When turning to the rental company of amplification systems it is important to turn to such that will give you the maximum options so that you can choose the best for you. When you start thinking about renting amplification systems you discover that there are speakers, and generators that will work better if a professional is present during the event and in real time will help you check that everything is going well. A professional who lives in the field of amplification can notice problems when they are still small and our ear is not used to catching them and thus he will be able to maintain the quality of the equipment without impairing the pleasure of the owners.

Generator – the heart of the event

The use of a generator during the event is an independent and temporary electric supplier for us. The use of the generator will be carried out when there is no orderly electrical supply to the building or alternatively, if the event is carried out under field conditions. It is very important to remember to calculate the power required from the generators according to the total accessories to be connected to it, and of course to ensure the addition of a safety factor, since you will not want to deal with finding additional sources of electricity or moving another generator during the production of your event. If the event you produce spreads across a wide area and consumers of scattered tension is recommended to rent even more than one generator to reduce cable tension in the area of ​​the event and prevent cable breaks or the public stumble on them, even the owner of joy does not want to end the evening with Aunt Shuli in the hospital after she stumbled On cables during his celebration.

The sound of your event

Do not forget the microphones: Every novice producer will tell you that the microphone is of great importance to the quality of sound played in the exciting event. Yes, even when it comes to a few sentences. Therefore, you should carefully choose the microphone, its type and quality. If you choose to use a manual microphone, be sure to speak clearly and place the microphone at a right angle to the chin without too much close to the mouth so that everyone can listen to you clearly.

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